Plastiq – Meet Minimum Spend and Pay Big Bills

Pay Big Bills with Credit Card for Big Points

I guarantee everyone has at least one big bill on a monthly basis that requires you to link your checking account for direct pay. What I bet  many people don’t know is that there is a service to pay these bills, Plastiq. From Rent, Student Loans, Car Loans, to Mortgages and more. Any bill you currently have that has an address and account number can be set up with this service.

So how does it work?

You set up your account with Plastiq and enter in the address and all relevant information into the system. This information generates a paper check and sends it to the vendor. The typical transaction time is 3-6 business days. So make sure that once you have setup your account there is enough time for processing and then enough time for the paper check to be mailed.

Once the account is made you can create a schedule for reoccurring payments to you vendor so it is a set it and forget way of working and generating points!

There is a small catch… and you have to weigh your options. In most cases I still proceed… There is a 2% – 2.5% fee on each transaction for the service.

Good for Minimum Spend Requirements

So if you are not big on adding an additional 2.5% to your mortgage ever month or another bill you can always go for the one time payment. I have used this service many times for a big payment on tuition or student loan payment to meet a minimum spend on a new credit card promotion.


Unlike some people I still am a firm believer in building up the points. The 2.5% can add up over time but when you earn enough value on your redemption it pays for itself over time and if you limit how often you use the service it can be of great value. I am fortunate enough that the company I have my mortgage through allows for a Credit Card payment for even an ever lower fee!

Find the payments you feel comfortable paying an additional 2.5% for and schedule them with Plastiq to ensure you can build your wealth of points and miles. On various occasions Plastiq runs promotions and lowers the overall fee %. Or focus on the one time payment to meet your minimum for your credit card bonus signup promotion! You will be far along on way to Big Travel for Free.

Are you currently utilizing a bill payer to meet spend requirements or build wealth?

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